Uplifting reminders to connect with the best in yourself, others, and the world.

At Advice Column, we create podcast episodes and bi-weekly emails that help you connect with the best in yourself, others, and the world.

Find Encouragement

Overcome Life’s Challenges

Accelerate Your Personal Growth

You shouldn’t have to face life’s struggles alone.

  • Digging through mountains of self-help resources is overwhelming.
  • You feel like no one else can relate to your unique situation.
  • Generic, one-size-fits-all advice isn’t helpful.

There’s so much more to life than feeling stuck by its challenges. Let’s discover more together.

Accelerate your learning with real-life stories.

Hear Their Experiences

Find strength and support from hearing others’ real-life experiences.

Collect Fresh Advice

Gain quality insights from a panel of guests who have been where you are.

Accelerate Your Learning

Implement what you learn from each short, digestible episode.

Tune in.
Get Advice.
Live Wisely.

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Hi there!

I’m Lisa, the host of the Advice Column podcast. Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped others live a wiser, more connected life by facilitating group discussions revolving around shared life experiences. 

I believe that we’re better when we come together. Sharing our struggles, and how we overcame them, encourages others and accelerates our learning. That’s why I started the Advice Column Podcast.

You’re not alone. Together, we can live wiser, more effective lives.

There’s plenty of negativity in the world, so at Advice Column we share uplifting reminders (and tools) to connect with the best in yourself, others, and the world.

Read and share experiences with the Advice Column Podcast Community.

At the time I found Advice Column I was completely overwhelmed. I first listened to an episode about coping with life disruptions. I heard the panelists share their experiences and realized my feelings were normal. I took away several great ideas from that episode, and I use one of them every day now.

Meghan Dalton

I like collecting wisdom, but knowing who to ask about a particular situation is sometimes hard. And calling multiple friends for their different perspectives is time-consuming and emotionally draining. I also feel frustrated when I get preached at in the process. I love the podcast because all of the work of collecting ideas is done for me. 

Melvin Scott Patete

I’ve always been a personal development enthusiast and hit paydirt with Advice Column. Hearing people’s stories lets me gain the experience of many lifetimes worth of learning in just minutes. It has been a godsend in helping me grow as a person.

Crystal Cobos

Find the right advice for you.

1. Choose your challenge

Browse Advice Column episodes and select a challenge that’s relevant to your current situation.

2. Tune in

Listen to the stories of a group of individuals as they share their experiences and how they found resolution.

3. Gain real-life solutions

Get fresh ideas and dependable feedback for how to tackle your hurdles head-on.

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