Do You Feel Alone?

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From the Podcast

In episode, “When Nobody Likes Your Content”, our panelists discussed different experiences in which they created or said something and didn’t feel seen or heard.

Overlooked, confused, and disappointed are feelings they described in their experiences. Someone even thought, “What’s wrong with me?”.

If you’ve ever felt invisible or unappreciated because the world didn’t respond to what you created, you aren’t alone. This episode is a great reminder of that. It is also a reminder that your work is valuable in spite of what others may or may not think of it.

Stories in The World

Sometimes when people don’t pay attention to, engage with, or seem to like the things you say or do, it can feel lonely. We get it, we have been there. But we aren’t going to give you advice about loneliness. What we want to do is tell you that, in fact, you are very much NOT alone. This collection of shared experiences about loneliness allow us to know that we are not alone.

You’re not alone
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