Do you want to break free?

Lisa Liguori

The first day of spring is fast approaching! We don’t know about you but spring always reminds us of starting fresh. Whether you call it spring cleaning, decluttering, or just starting fresh, the arrival of spring offers us a chance to re-evaluate and renew. 

Have you been feeling heavy, burdened, cluttered, or just plain tired lately? We get it.  

In our December episode, Break Free From Clutter, panelists shared their methods for decluttering and cleaning up their lives. Check it out to renew your inspiration for unburdening yourself.

We hope the ideas presented in this episode help you gain more organization, lightness, and peace in your life!

I Want to Break Free

Thanks for joining us. We’re better together.

The Advice Column Team

PS – For a list of great questions to ask yourself when making decluttering decisions, visit the resource page at

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