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From the Podcast

Have you ever felt in a slump? When it comes to things like relationships, healthy eating and exercise, creativity, and even work, they all have something in common. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a slump. The good news is, you aren’t alone.

In a recent episode, “Get Yourself Out of a Slump,” panelists shared different times they have been in a slump and what they did about it. We hope their experiences give you some helpful ideas for shortening the next slump in your life!

Stories From The Real World

Sometimes we get in a slump because we’re scared to try something new, to take a leap. We have been there.

That’s why we appreciate this article featuring the stories of eight individuals who took risks in a variety of areas, including work, school, parenthood, and entrepreneurship.

Check out the article to learn from their experiences taking risks.

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