It’s Never Too Late

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Hi Friend,

I once visited my doctor, Lee Rice, who is as much a mentor as my physician. I told him I felt like pieces of my life were falling apart. I was going through a romantic breakup, I had eaten more pounds of French fries than fresh produce in the preceding six months, and I felt lost career-wise.

One of Dr. Rice’s best qualities is his listening, and his empathy alone is therapeutic. He let me explain my pessimistic outlook and then shared an encouraging observation that has stuck with me ever since.

“In my years as a physician, I have seen many people rebuild their lives from seeming ruin,” he said, “and it didn’t take that long, either. For example, one man had to declare bankruptcy, was going through a divorce, and was addicted to narcotics. He turned his life around, and in just a few short years, he was growing a new business, enjoying a strong relationship, and living sober. It is never too late.”

From time to time, I feel like I’ve dug myself into a hole. And every time I think about what Dr. Rice told me, I think to myself that if someone can completely remake their life in just a few years, I can certainly reverse the course and get on a better track. 

Friend, if you find yourself feeling hopeless about any aspect of your life today, I hope you will be encouraged that change is fully possible.

With love,



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