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Hi friend,

We see you gathering cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins for your big move. It can be quite exhausting—we’ve been there! A big move always seems like the perfect opportunity to pare down; what don’t you use anymore? How can you clear out the clutter? 

But when you sit down to actually declutter, do you find your head spinning, heavy with the weight of the decision? You’re not alone. The things in our homes often have memories associated with them. And sometimes we hang on to things we haven’t used or worn in years, “just in case.” 

If this feels all too relatable, we invite you to download 5 Great Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering. Lighten your load, literally and metaphorically, by using this free guide that we designed just for you!

If you’ve already downloaded this guide, check out our other great resources here.

Thanks for joining us. We’re better together.

Love, The Advice Column Team

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