My marriage disrupted my life. 

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Hi friend,

At 45 years old, I got married for the first time. When my husband and I moved into our really tiny house together, my normal rhythm of routines was disrupted and it felt hard! I had to find a way to enjoy this new season, even in the midst of this disruption.

What about you? Have you ever been enjoying your routine, feeling like you’re in a flow, when all of the sudden you have to change jobs, learn to live with a roommate, or navigate another disruption?

In the episode, Your Life was Disrupted, Now What?, you can learn from the disruptions our panelists faced. Even if their experience looks different from yours, I wonder if their feelings about their situations, or the approach they took to face their problems, will help you the next time you’re feeling disrupted in life. Check out the episode by clicking the link!

Thanks for joining us. We’re better together.


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