New Season, New Intentions

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Hi Friend,

Did you start 2023 with specific intentions? How are those going? (I’d love to hear!)

As we head into summer, I’m excited about the opportunity to set new, fresh intentions, based on where I am today. How about you? Does the new season inspire you to start fresh?

If it does, you may enjoy considering the following questions:

⬆️ What in my life would I like more of?

⬇️ What in my life would I like less of?

⬆️ What is currently not in my life that I would like to add?

⬇️ What is currently in my life that I should consider taking out?

As I reflect and journal, I often need to remind myself that change doesn’t happen overnight, and my progress won’t necessarily be linear.

Wherever you’re at as you head into summer, we hope you’re feeling kind toward yourself!  


The Advice Column Team

P.S. Check out this helpful resource if you want more prompts for setting new intentions this month.


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