Read this if you think emotions are 👍 “good” and 👎 “bad”…

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How do you feel about emotions? Do you view them as “good” (happy, excited, grateful) and “bad” (sad, angry, embarrassed)? You aren’t alone. But we may have a different perspective for you to consider.

In our episode, “Is Self-Love the Antidote to Addiction?,” Lisa spoke with Dr. Natacha Nelson about the ways that running from our emotions can hurt us in the long run. After healing her own life from the traumatic events of her past, Dr. Natacha Nelson now helps others understand the connection between their physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds.

Check out the full episode to discover what Dr. Natacha learned! Maybe you can glean a new idea from her perspective.

Thanks for joining us. We’re better together.


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