Showing Yourself Kindness

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Hi friend,

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We hope that every month, and especially this month, you’re able to find time to pause, reflect, and be kind to yourself.

If you haven’t been able to find the time, it’s not too late! You can even take a moment right now.

Here is a short exercise you can do to slow down and practice kindness to yourself even in this moment:

  • Stand up and do a short stretching exercise. Lift your arms to the sky, spread your arms apart, and stretch your arms to your feet.
  • Take out a piece of paper and write down three things that made you feel joy this week.
  • Close your eyes and breath deeply for 60 seconds.

We hope that you’re ending the month feeling refreshed and clear-minded. If not, we’ve been there and know how difficult that can be. You’re not alone.

We’re so glad you’re here. We’re better together.


The Advice Column Team


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