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Hello Friend,

Do you ever drive past a construction site on your commute, and it looks like virtually nothing is happening week after week? Then suddenly, you pass by one day and the home or building is up!

My friend (and podcast co-host), Justin, pointed that out.

A few months ago, although I couldn’t jog for more than 30 seconds at a time, I signed up for a half-marathon. I started following a training program that claimed it would take a person, step-by-step, from being a couch potato to the finish line of an endurance event.

Although I was faithful to the schedule, I didn’t feel like my heart and lungs were getting stronger. The workouts weren’t getting any easier.

I started feeling discouraged.

Then I thought back to Justin’s observation and wondered, “What if this is like a construction site? Maybe I need to have faith and patience that if I keep going, then one day I will wake up and the house will be built.”

Sure enough, in 10 weeks, I can now jog, albeit at a snail’s pace, for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Although my fitness is still very much “under construction,” it is much easier to be motivated now that I can see evidence of progress.

But how many times in life do we have to keep the faith in the face of a vacuum of perceivable evidence? And what tools do you use to stay motivated during those times? I’d love to hear your ideas, if you’d be willing to reply and share.

Whatever the “construction projects” currently are in your life, here’s to donning our hard hats and continuing to hammer away!

With love,



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