What Makes YOU Feel Good?

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Hello friend,

We’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of wellness recently.

What is wellness exactly?

We think it can mean a lot of different things to people.

From our viewpoint, it is about living our lives for the best possible outcomes for our physical and mental health. The goal with wellness is ultimately to be at a place where we are thriving (not just surviving).

To help make this concept more practical, we put together a two-page printable resource. The first page is the list of 9 pillars of wellness that we have found to be helpful! Feel free to print it and hang it at your home or office. The second page can be used as a journal prompt or reflection to fill in your own pillars of wellness.

The free resource can be found here.

If you want even more insights on wellness, listen to our most recent podcast episode, What Makes YOU Feel Good

We’re so glad you’re here. We’re better together.


The Advice Column Team

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