When it’s better to be a frog

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Hi Friend,

There was a frog who dreamed of becoming a prince. He’d imagine THE kiss, the transformation, the people he’d reign over when he had legs, and the glory he’d enjoy.

One day, a princess finally laid one on him, and BINGO! He got his wish. In a swirl of sparkling dust, he transformed into a regal human housed in a royal palace.

But there was a problem.

That frog ended up hating his new life. The palace air was dry compared to his old pond. The royal robes were itchy. The crown was cumbersome, and the job was boring. Worse yet, the princess was kind of a “pill.” All day long, that poor frog just longed to be back playing in the mud.

This twist on the ending to a would-be happily-ever-after fairytale was the gist of an amusing poem I read a long time ago. I’ve never been able to find it again, but I’ve thought back on it often.

You probably believe there’s truth in the concept that “the grass is always greener,” but doesn’t the frog story vividly bring it to life?

Today, I’m reminded of the glorious-ness of my own “muddy pond.” I hope you’re loving yours as well!

What is your favorite thing about your current life circumstances? If you’d be willing to reply and share, I’d love to hear it!




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