When your demons come

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“In the darkest hour when your demons come, call on me brother and we will fight them together.”  

-Author Unknown

Hello friend,

A contributor to the podcast shared this quote. It gives me chills as it reminds me of the power we humans have in one another’s lives. 

A few months ago, I had a rough week. Among other things, I was having trouble sleeping. Feeling both exhausted and down, I canceled my weekly walk with my friend, Brittany. 

She asked if I was ok. I said I was fine and that I was just a little sleep-deprived. 

But sensing I could use support, Brittany didn’t leave it at that.

Instead, she drove 90-minutes round trip in the middle of a workday to bring me a natural sleep remedy and to check on me. I was touched. I also felt a “remembering” that I was not alone despite feeling in the dumps. 

“When the demons come,” it is not always my instinct to call on my sisters and brothers to help me fight them. Sometimes that’s because I’m embarrassed to share that I’m struggling. Other times I fear being a burden. Still others, I think my problems are so small compared to other people’s that it’s selfish to bring them up. 

But not being isolated when fighting demons makes the path to victory safer and easier. And when the tables are turned, I feel honored to be called into battle alongside a friend. 

I wasn’t that “OK” the day that Brittany came over. And there might be times you are not that “OK” too. In those times, asking for support might be like flooding out the darkness with light. There also might be someone in your orbit today whom you sense is not 100% OK. 

I’m grateful that whenever demons appear we can fight them together

With love,



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