You Possess a Unique Talent

Lisa Liguori

Are there times when you get lost in what you’re doing and time vanishes? Are there activities you do effortlessly but that others think are a big deal?

When that happens, it is likely because you are operating in your “unique ability.”

This week I’m thrilled to share a book called “Unique Ability 2.0,” that will encourage you to discover the magnificent talents you possess so that you can spend more time doing what you love, while serving others. 

I believe the world needs the special gifts you possess and that using those abilities will bring you great joy and meaning. I hope you’ll check out the book and use it to help you follow your joy!

That’s what I did, and it led me to create the Advice Column podcast. This project helps me live out my passion for facilitating conversations where people share authentically. I get energized about that kind of sharing because it inevitably helps me realize I’m not alone in what I’m going through. Listening to how other people think about, and solve, life’s challenges also helps me accelerate my learning and personal growth. I think these conversations are so powerful that I wanted to make them available to you, too. So I record them into a podcast you can listen to “on demand” without having to spend hours tracking down people who have something to share on each topic.  

I hope Advice Column makes it easy for you to get access to great thinking on topics you are facing in your life! Check out the most recent conversation here.

Until then, I wish you more satisfying moments of expressing your magnificent abilities for the betterment of the world.





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