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From the Podcast

Since listening to the episode, “No One Likes Your Content,” how have you changed the way you produce or believe in your content? If you haven’t listened to it yet, listen in on your favorite podcast player

One common theme amongst some of the panelists is that they felt empowered and motivated when creating their content, but later were discouraged when it didn’t seem like others were listening. We’ve all been there! But just because your content isn’t being consumed right away does not make it worthless. What shift in perspective resonated with you most from our panelists?

Resources For You

It’s important to balance what we give and what we take from this world. As you put yourself out there to share your ideas and experiences with the world, it’s just as important to listen to the ideas and experiences of others. After all, that is how we form connections, build relationships, and grow together.

What are some ways to listen proactively and not reactively? Here are some great tips from NPR on how to be a better listener.

Do you have a story of an experience you want to share? Send us an email and you could be our next panelist!

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