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Hi Friend,

Do you love traditions like I do?

I enjoy traditions because they help me tune in to my life and mark special moments. I love that they create a comforting rhythm to my days, months, and years. For example, I pay attention to the seasons changing because I have traditions to usher in each one. 

I adore that traditions keep me connected to the people I love. I take a pause and think about the fortune of being with my family before a mealtime because we have a pre-dining ritual. I reflect on my grandpa when I carry on the traditions he used to do with me. 

What is a special tradition, grand or small, that you love? This month we asked that question to you, the Advice Column community.

We posed the question to learn about each other through the richness of our diverse and collective experiences. And we asked to get ideas for building new traditions in our own homes. 

I hope you enjoy hearing the many ways people honor the moments in their lives as you celebrate your own beautiful rituals. (Listen here)

We’re so glad you’re here. We’re better together.


Lisa and the Advice Column Team

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