Yucky Words

Lisa Liguori

Hi Friend,

Do you have an expression that rubs you the wrong way? I cannot stand the term “open kimono” which companies use to describe being transparent with their partners.

When I hear someone say “Let’s be ‘open kimono,’” it conjures up the unpleasant image of a drafty undercarriage (not to mention possible racist or sexist undertones).

While that particular term makes me cringe, I like the intention behind it. In fact I’m drawn to people who are authentic and transparent almost like they are magnets.

The mission of Advice Column is to share stories with each other so we know we aren’t alone and so that we can accelerate our learning by leveraging one another’s life experiences.

And because of that work, I have the privilege of interviewing many generous people who tell their stories to help others. One of the things I’ve experienced time and time again in those conversations, is that EVERY time someone openly shares their feelings the conversation changes powerfully. Then so much connection, learning, and growth happens.

In the coming weeks you and I will gather with our families and friends to share holiday meals. And my hope is that we may find little opportunities here and there during those meaningful times to share our beautiful, authentic selves with each other (while keeping our robes closed and our bottoms warm). :relaxed:

In order to help you find ways to share your beautiful, authentic self with your loved ones this holiday season, I’ve put together this list of 25 Conversation Starters for The Holidays. Print it out or save it to your phone and use it to generate some quality conversations this year!

This holiday season, I am so honored to be sharing part of life’s journey with you, my friend!

Lots of love,



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